Many Thanks

"My first impulse was to panic when I walked around the corner on a Saturday morning and realized the dance floor was covered with those nice heavy chairs but then I remembered that all I had to do was 'call Security' and tell them I needed help and would they please see if they could find the 'weekend EVS person' and ask them if they could PLEASE COME HELP. The young man (security) on the other end of the line very 'calmly and kindly' assured me that was 'no problem - he'd take care of it.' Sure enough - just a few minutes later as I'm busily setting up and getting ready for the ' lively line dancers' to appear- here came this nice young man - all smiles - and began stacking and moving chairs.

By that time - as I usually do - I had put a CD in my boom box and was listening to music as I finished getting ready for the wonderful folks who magically appear each week. This morning I was playing a Come Back Buddy CD because I'd seen where Nada was having them in to entertain and I wanted to remind the line dancers of some routines they could do to their music. Without ever missing a step in his 'chair chore', I heard this young man say something about how much he liked the music of the 50's and he made a nice comment about this particular group. Of course that caught my curiosity and a couple of questions later I had written down "Point 'N' Shoot" and made myself a note to google the documentary he mentioned. Wow - I loved every minute of that 'two hour very interesting program' that 'Josh" and his associate 'Brian' had done about this group. I was riveted to my computer and learned a lot not only about Mike & Janine Randall but also about the tragic demise of the extremely talented Buddy Holly - whose music this group has been determined to keep alive.

Well done - Josh - Both with your EVS position AND that wonderful documentary.

- Patricia Powers - 

Coordinator of the Royal Oaks Line Dance Activity, and  film industry retiree   

~   Experience the rocking sensation known as Come Back Buddy
in this feature-length documentary about the band.
~   Follow the band as they play various shows, travel the road, and keep the
spirit of oldies alive all the while getting the chance to know them better.

~   Meet their loyal fans who make it their mission to never miss a show and also witness a lucky few who are introduced to the band for the very first time.


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