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February 12, 2013
Come Back Buddy meets Rock'N'Roll Royalty:  We recently got to see a "Winter Dance Party" show at Sun Life Resort in Mesa.  One of the performers Jay P Richardson, Jr., performing as his Dad, "The Big Bopper"! 

December, 2011

Musician Spotlight: 
Come Back Buddy
Mike Randall interviewed by Ann Marie Dwyer

September, 2011
Mike Randall sings his best "Ray Charles" in this promotional video for Triplefin:

P.F. Chang’s Rock-n-Roll

Marathon 2010
January 16, 2010

Bands on the run: The Fabulous Six. Six local Bands have been rockin' Arizona since the inaugural race in 2004! Come Back Buddy is one of The Fabulous Six! To read complete press please click on link:

Playing a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon gives local bands exposure to runners who flock to the races from across the country and around the world
By Marian Liu
Seattle Times staff reporter

A musical veteran of Rock 'n' Rolls in other cities said the race can be a big gig. " It's very high-profile, compared to what a lot of the bands usually play," said Mike Randall, whose Arizona rock band Come Back Buddy has attracted bookings and fans by playing multiple Rock 'n' Roll Marathons. 

 "There's people from all over country, from all over the world, people who get to see you that would never normally see you. That's a real good thing for bands trying to get known."

For the bands, the key to keeping the runners' attention is moving through the music quickly and keeping it upbeat, Randall said. "We stay with high-energy stuff for the runners — '50s rock 'n' roll, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and the Crickets," said Randall, whose band Come Back Buddy has played the Rock 'n' Roll Marathons in San Diego and Phoenix. "Three thousand may run by you at once. They're all fired up. It's a real positive atmosphere. It's a really healthy mentality. Nobody is going to have a bad attitude."


July 3, 2014
"After all these years being in radio I've seen some bands... Good & bad bands but, 'Come Back Buddy' is easily the most fun to work with out of all of them! These folks are sincere about their craft and they have an innate feeling how to keep the party going. There's no Oldies Radio anymore in Phoenix and I'm thrilled the CBB Band have landed at the right time on the Arizona Planet... They are a treat and I love 'em!!"
--Danny Davis,

Official Review
April 6, 2014

Come Back Buddy had a GREAT time performing at The San Francisco Rock-n-Roll Marathon on April 6th.
Cohen captured the moment in this amazing work.

See more of Ann's Art at:
March 4, 2014
"I attended a meeting of the air show committee last week, your group was the talk of the meeting.  They had more good comments from the attendees about Come Back Buddy then any other thing at the Air Fair.  My wife and I look forward to seeing you again, you made the Buckeye Air Fair SPECIAL."
--Bob Thunholm,
Special Committee Chairperson
2014 Buckeye Air Fair
Official Review

October 7, 2013

"How good is your band? Good enough that somehow in the sweat, pain and exhaustion of the Rock & Roll Half Marathon, I still made sure to take a mental note of the awesome sound that helped carry me through.

Come Back Buddy was the best of the bunch by far. I ran by in the time it took to hear the end of "I Walk the Line" and the beginning of "Memphis." Seriously, the energetic and impeccable performance gave me a boost just when I needed it -- and it made running fun again.
So thanks SO much for playing the event and for bringing your 'A' game. 
I only ask that if I run the event next year, you run alongside me so that I can hear you the whole time.
Great job!"
-- Dan Brown,
San Jose Mercury News
Official Review
September 2, 2013

"We attended the dinner/dance last night here in LW and really enjoyed your music... your selections, your energy level, your vocal and instrumental talents, and your volume level...  We had a wonderful time dancing to the tunes of our day.  Thank you for the preparation you put into your performances and for your sincere commitment to quality.  We, among many others, have phoned our recreation director, and requested that we see you again and again here in our beautiful community."
Richard & Karen Weiger,
Leisure World, Mesa, AZ

August 24, 2013

"More than a nostalgia band... with words you can actually understand."
Rick Barnett,
Copy Editor/Southern California

March 7, 2013
"Keep doing what you do. (Buddy rules!)"
Matt Mawhinney
Saint John, New Brunswick

March 7, 2013

"Saw your documentary and love your music."
Marc Mawhinney
Saint John, New Brunswick

January 13, 2013 
"I just finished watching your documentary, and one word says it all to me Awesome. Very inspirational video and the music was exceptional.
I will definitely come to see you if I am ever in Arizona."
Mike H.

April 26, 2012
"Wow, what fun. Just a few words to let everyone know about a hidden treasure of Rock and Roll entertainment."

"Our annual golf club dinner/dance has been a long time favorite for our community. We’re always looking for new ways to make it a successful event. This year was head and shoulders above the others and made possible by the great performance of the “Come Back Buddy” band."

'Mike Randall, Janine Randall and Jim Marsella showed a true form of professionalism, not only in their music but also before and after their performance. I received many calls and personal comments about their exceptional performance and would strongly recommend them for other events."
Wm. Greer, President
Cottonwood Men's Golf Association
Official Review
February 13, 2012
Mike and Janine,

I just had to drop you a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed you Monday evening at The Terrace, at Johnson Ranch along with Larry and Laurene Stump and our other classmates.

The music was so refreshing and enjoyable.  I knew almost all of the words of every piece.  You are really doing a wonderful job entertaining and I see by your schedule you have lots of dates ahead of you.

Thanks for allowing me to take pictures with you and chatting with me.  Just wanted you to know I had a total BLAST that evening.  Something I so very much needed.

Sending hugs, smiles and lots of good wishes.
Hugs and Blessings,
Mason City High School, Class of '59
Official Review 

August 20, 2011
"Just wanted to say that we all had a fabulous time on Saturday night!!! Come Back Buddy was the perfect entertainment for this event!!!  Carolyn will be talking about this for a long time... I would not be surprised if she has another party just to hire your band for her friends!"

"Thank you!!  You are all the utmost professionals and very talented!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!"

Diane Combs, Party Planner
Official Review

April 9, 2011
"Everyone had a good time at the 'Come Back Buddy' Farewell Party. The band playing outside on the patio was Nostalgia and the band inside was 'Come Back Buddy'. Everyone seemed to enjoy the band and having a great time. We are sorry to see everyone leave and will be happy to see them come back in the fall."

Sun Life Vacation Resort (Cal-Am Resorts)
Official Review

"A very fun party with a great band."

Bryan Fine
Sun Life Vacation Resort
Official Review

January 5, 2011
"Our New Year's Eve event was a huge success! I've had nothing but positive comments. Come Back Buddy was the highlight of the evening. You kept them on the dance floor through the very last note. Thank you!"

Nancy Ehrhart, Activity Director
Monte Vista Village Resort
Official Review

October 3, 2010

To "Come Back Buddy Band,"
Mike, Janine & Don,

"The calls and emails keep coming in and with 600+ in attendance at the Sun City, AZ 50th Anniversary Sock Hop Sept. 24, 2010, the raves of compliments are highly attributed to the "Come Back Buddy Band."  What a wonderful time was had by all as
they danced and reminisced to your great variety of  Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry and all the other 50's songs you performed during the evening. Our only regret is that it couldn't have lasted longer so we could have danced even more.  It's been a special pleasure to work with you throughout the year leading up to the Sock Hop and you clearly added so much fun to the Sun City, AZ 50th Anniversary Parade.  I also want to especially thank you for promoting both events at every opportunity which helped draw people from all over the Valley to participate in the Sun City, AZ 50th Anniversary Celebrations. You definitely have added a huge number of fans.

Thank you, it's been such a pleasure.

Hope we can work together on another event in the future."

"Rave On" -  Nancy Grubb, Sun City AZ 50th Anniversary Sock Hop Co/Chair & a huge Fan of  "Come Back Buddy"!
Official Review

June 17, 2010
"We had danced with Come Back Buddy before and when we were planning our wedding booking them was a no brainer. This band brings all the goods. They were tuned into the mood of the reception and knew exactly what songs to play and when to play them. Come Back Buddy was the perfect compliment for a great time with friends and family. This band is a must have for any event. Your chairs will only be needed for a rest between sets."

Dan & Jenny Hogan
Official Review

September 27, 2009
"If you’re looking for good old fashion rock ‘n’ roll, then look no farther than Come Back Buddy.  This three piece band, inspired by the legendary Buddy Holly, plays the high energy, toe tapping, dance music of the 50’s.

The instrumentation is guitar, bass and drums and what a powerhouse trio indeed!  Mike Randall not only has the looks of Buddy Holly but has the voice and guitar skills as well.  Backed by Janine Randall on bass and Don Rinehart on drums this trio is a treat to
hear and see!

I have known them for the past eight years and have booked them in locations ranging from small intimate venues to Festivals with thousands of event goers.  They are one of the greatest bands to work with.  Always prompt and professional, Come Back Buddy is the band that will put smiles on the faces at any musical event."

Philip Talarico
Owner of Arizona's Finest Entertainers
Providing entertainment in the Valley of the Sun for 16 years.
Official Review

Performance Review
"Come Back Buddy Keeps Them Coming Back!

Mike Randall's lead vocals and guitar mastery and Janine Randall on bass plus the humorous Don Rinehart on drums keep vintage music fans enthralled at events in Arizona.

This trio, known best for performing the works of Buddy Holly (thus the name of the group), performs hits from a vast cross section of stars.

Come Back Buddy has developed a fan base that will show up at any event just because they are performing there! This is indeed indicative of being well loved performers!"

Ed Sharpe
Glendale Daily Planet
Official Review

Performance Reviews
"You guys are in for a treat!

I first learned of the "Come Back Buddy" band a couple of years ago when attending the grand opening of the new Cardinals stadium in Arizona. After all this time, you would think that I would remember how cool the new stadium looked but instead, I remember the great sound and music coming from this band. They are a truly awesome sounding band that plays great "Buddy Holly" music! So make sure you guys check them out and bring friends and family because you are in for a treat!"
Buddy Radio Fan
Official Review

"My wife & I were in the Glendale Area this past spring & were lucky enough to see this "Great" Group. What a joy to be brought back to a time that was special in our lives. The few hours spent being entertained by this group will be remermbered for the rest of our lives! Thanks for the memories!"
The Sulas, Fans from Florida
Official Review

"Mike Randall is Buddy Holly reincarnated. I have enjoyed his music since he started this group several years ago, and never get tired of it. His sidekicks, Peggy Sue and Don, put the icing on this cake. Great music from a simpler time, great people, and a great time for you if you're there. Don't miss this show if you're in the area!"
E. Fan
Official Review

"We attended our 29th annual Ship's Reunion in Sept., "Come Back Buddy" was the band that our host hired. The host could not have made a better choice. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute they played. Should you ever need to hire a band this is the one I would try to get.......... they were great!"
obert & Betty
Official Review

"Come Back Buddy dresses the part, has a wonderful sound and is fun for young and old. Those of you who remember songs from the 50’s and those of you just being introduced will enjoy great renditions of Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison and other great artists. Give yourself and your family a treat. Get on their mailing list and stop out to see them."
Buddy Fan
Official Review

"Great Musicians! What a great band! Definitely one of the best bands around!"
Npsrx, Fan
Official Review

"Hey everyone... if you haven't experienced this band yet, you are really missing a great time. You cannot sit and listen to this band, you have to get up and dance! Mike Randall (aka Buddy Holly) not only sounds like Buddy, he even looks like Buddy. His adorable side kick (Peggy Sue) is his bass player. Their range of songs covers everything from Elvis to Roy Orbison. My husband & I have traveled around to see their performances from Phoenix to the Spam Festival in Shady Grove, Oregon! We cannot make it to the Long Beach Harvest Festival this year, but encourage everyone to attend. They are great fun. Become a fan like I have, you won't regret it!"
Puddles (aka Weezer), Fan
Official Review

"We have enjoyed this group many times in the Phoenix valley. Great "goldie oldies" music and nice people! Enjoy!"
Malsal, Fan
Official Review

"A Great Time! This band is fantastic! They put on a great show and you can't
help it but to have a good time when you see them.
Come Back Buddy is the best!

Craft fairs by themselves are worth the trip, BUT a craft fair AND the Come Back Buddy band is UNBEATABLE! Their music is really quality old'll be dancing in the aisles thinking or wishing you were back in the 50's/60's. Even if you are not from that era, you'll still really enjoy it. The normal age spread of dancers and audience runs from toddlers to golden agers! See them just once and you'll become a groupie!"
D. Klimoski
Official Review

"If you love ol' Rock-n-Roll music from the 50's you'll absolutely adore this band. It is great fun for everyone. What a beat. They sound just like the artists from the original songs. I have been following them ever since we met 3 yrs ago. It will take you back to some great memories from the past. I love listening to them and I know you will too!"
J. McKenna, Fan
Official Review

"The band is dedicated to the sound of the early legends of 'Rock and Roll.' The energy of the 50's comes alive and everybody will want to dance."

Gary Nielsen
Official Review

Meeting Connie Lemos
50's Sock Hop Fundraiser


May 30, 2009
"The pleasure was all mine it's groups like yours that keep all the legends alive in the hearts and minds of those who loved them and their music."

Thank you,
Viva Ritchie and Viva Rock & Roll,
Connie Lemos
(Sister of Ritchie Valens)
Official Letter

50's Sock Hop Fundraiser
May 30, 2009

Hi Mike, Carlos & Janine, 

"Thank you So Much!  The Sock Hop was a night to remember. Your music brought so much joy to so many people!  I am also very glad that my husband & I were able to introduce you to Connie and John Lemos! Thank you again for all that you 3 did; it is amazing to see the enthusiasm & talent you all have for the 50's!!"

Aneitra Gomez, Event Organizer
Jovenes De Antano Benefit
Hollister, CA
Official Letter

El Tour de Phoenix
April 15, 2009

Mike, Janine & Don,

"Thanks for another fabulous performance.  Come Back Buddy is definitely a high point of our Fiesta! Your music is so much fun, it really puts a bounce in the step. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for great entertainment from a top-notch band. I love your outfits too, right down to the saddle oxfords and pennies in your penny loafers.  How cool is that! Thanks for adding so much to the El Tour de Phoenix again this year."

Sheila Foraker, Event Director
El Tour de Phoenix
Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc.
Official Letter

50th Birthday Celebrations
January 19, 2009

Mike, Janine and Don,

"Thank you for the outstanding performance at our 50th Birthday Bash. The music choice and performance was great whether you wanted to dance, sing along or just listen. Everyone commented about how fun it was when you interacted with the audience. You guys are more then just a great band, you are a mobile party! The sound quality, song
selection and your professional conduct can't be beat and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a band!"

Thanks again for the great performance,
Joe & Jamie Coffaro
Official Letter


Vacaville Fiesta Days
50th Anniversary 
May 28, 2007

"My deepest thanks to you and the members of Come Back Buddy for being a part of the 50th Annual Vacaville Fiesta Days celebration, and for giving such a great show. It was truly a pleasure to have your band at the event on Monday, May 28, 2007. Please let everyone know how much we all enjoyed having you there.

All of us on the Vacaville Fiesta Days Committee truly appreciate the fact that it is the quality of the music that makes the people come, and makes them stay. Everyone really enjoyed your music.

Your band delivered a high energy, high quality, totaly professional performance. The songs you performed reflected a wide variety of 50's music, with something to please everyone. You did a great job in getting the crowd going, and keeping them going. Everyone was impressed with the high quality of musicianship and professionalism that every member of your group demonstrated.

It was truly a pleasure working with you this year at Vacaville Fiesta Days, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Please pass on my compliments and appreciation to everyone in the group. If I can be of service to you or any member of your band in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Shawna Manina
Vacaville Fiesta Days 2007
Vacaville, CA
Official Letter

  Vacaville Fiesta Days 50th Anniversary

Chandler Concerts at Arrowhead Park
November 2, 2005

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great tribute you did to Buddy Holly last night.  I must say I didn't know what to expect when I went to my first Concert at Arrowhead Park.  You and your group by far exceeded what I had expected.  You all deserve a lot of credit for the authenticity you give Buddy's songs.  There must be many hours of studying and practicing to have mastered Buddy's style and sound.

There were several songs you did that were made famous by other artists such as "Blueberry Hill" that you sang in what seemed to be Buddy Holly style.  I was thinking wow!  It really seemed like that would have been the way Buddy would have sang them in the late fifties or even today if he was still with us.

Thanks for keeping Buddy Holly alive.  It's really a special treat to see a group like yours keeping Buddy coming back.

So I hope you can "Come Back Buddy" to Chandler again."

Bill McCoy
Official Letter

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